Closed Today

The Gallery is closed today Friday February 3. Stay safe! Stay warm! Stay inside and visit us on the web! Uploading some of Laura’s work today.


Correction! Join us on Saturday, January 28, 3 – 5 PM

Adios – Arrivederci – Au Revoir

However you say it… we’re going to miss Kirsten Sparenborg at Fibonacci! Kirsten is relocating to the West Coast at the end of the month. Stop by on Saturday, January 27, 3-5 PM and join us in celebrating Kirsten’s art and wishing her happiness, good health, and good fortune in her future!

Let’s not say goodbye, let’s say: See you! See you again dear friend!

Laura Oakes Joins Fibonacci

Fibonacci warmly welcomes Watertown artist Laura Oakes!

Self-taught artist, Laura Oakes has lived a creative life. Laura’s works include painting and drawing, graphic illustration and creating theatrical props, costumes and scenery painting for Community Theater. Laura has also served the arts community as both Vice President, President and Treasurer of The North Country Arts Council and Arts On The Square Gallery Manager.
Laura discovered the beauty of encaustic work from former Northern NY Artist, Penny Flick, and embraced the opportunity to take instruction from jewelry designer and encaustic artist, Sandy Simonian, while living in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Laura creates intriguing and beautiful encaustic work, a spontaneous medium where beeswax and damar resin are melted then combined with pigment and applied to heat-resistant substrates. Laura layers her wax beautifully creating both opaque and translucent effects and combining colored wax with collage materials (like sand, shells, drawings, foils, photos, and paper). Often working to create a variety of finishes by revealing layers below with wax being scraped and building textures then polishing the cured and hardened medium to a gloss.
Laura Oakes’ encaustic paintings are abstract and realistic, subtle and bold, always inspiring.

Artist Alex Joseph at Fibonacci Today

Alex will be at the Gallery 12-3 today. Stop in and learn about his unique sculptures.

At the Gallery this Saturday!

Saturday, January 21 / 12 – 3 PM

Meet the artist!

Pop Up Event at the Gallery Rescheduled!

Stop by Fibonacci Saturday, January 21 from 12 – 3 PM to meet local artist Alex Joseph. Alex and his wife, Isabelle, recently opened an online business designing and printing 3D pieces that will appeal to a large audience. The work is unique and impressive! See more of Alex and Isabelle’s work at

Fibonacci Closed December 23 and 24!

There’s a travel advisory for Jefferson County starting at 1PM on Friday. The Gallery will be closed. Stay safe and warm!