Ginny Hovendon

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture

A secondary art teacher at Copenhagen Central School as well as an adjunct instructor at Jefferson Community College, my artwork has always been about people, their things, their struggles, celebrations, or defeats. Whether you are actually looking at a face, a shoe, a fish, or leaf, it is somehow related to the life we lead, the tensions between people, or the relationships we all share with one another, or the world around us. The human condition with all its difficulties and joys, has, and will continue to be the subject of my work. I generally paint large scale portraits in oils, or I work in charcoal on canvas or linen. I have recently started to collage linen and canvas on backgrounds, then I will draw on top of these collages with pencil or charcoal. The frayed edges add texture and seem to somehow play into the idea of coming undone, or apart. Since my early days as an artist I have dabbled in the clay and more recently I find myself playing around with slab built heads and bodies which often include leaves and or shoes. The subject matter seems to stay consistent, even when the media changes. The images I create are the things that for some reason seem important, more valuable, or need to be brought to our attention. We all have our own truth.  Follow me on Instagram or visit my website.